White Supremacist busted by FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for firearms

Rutland Herald, Vermont/December 04,2015

Whitehall, New York -- Barely six miles from the Vermont border, an avowed White Supremacist, who allegedly had illegal automatic weapons and armor piercing ammunition delivered to Whitehall, N.Y. , pleaded innocent this week in Albany federal court for illegally possessing assault weapons.

Shane Robert Smith, 18, of Whitehall, told a federal confidential informant that he was going to rock and roll (convert to fully automatic) a Mac 10 (machine gun) to execute non-whites and to “get money for the crew.” In white supremacy circles, a crew is a group of skinheads.

A federal investigator with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force said that Smith said he had a group of about six members in their 20s, 30s and 40s and he was looking for weapons for himself and the crew.

Smith was arrested in Whitehall on Aug. 6 and charged after he acquired, from an undercover agent, a Colt M16 model A2, a military-grade assault rifle capable of firing as a machine gun; a Military Armament Corporation MAC 10 machine gun; a silencer; a Beretta model 92FS handgun; and 120 rounds of “green-tip” ammunition with armor-piercing capability.
This case is being investigated by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Albany

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