Paul Crouch Sr. awarded legal fees

American Arbitration Association Arbitrator Rules in Favor of TBN's Founder

PRNewswire/October 14, 2004

Tustin, Calif. -- The American Arbitration Association Arbitrator, through Honorable Robert J. O'Neill, Judge Retired, submitted to the Orange County Superior court its final ruling that it has awarded Paul Crouch Sr., founder and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, $136,000 in legal fees from former TBN employee and convicted felon Enoch Lonnie Ford.

Ford, whose current whereabouts are unknown, violated an April 2003 court order that barred him from discussing his 1996 allegations of wrongful termination and sexual harassment.

"As a man of faith, I took the advice of advisors to avoid a long and costly court battle with Mr. Ford and reluctantly agreed to a $425,000 settlement. The fact that Mr. Ford abrogated the agreement and is now avoiding service of the court's process to hide from legal responsibility for his conduct is vindication for me, my wife and the entire TBN family," Paul Crouch Sr. explained.

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