TBN seals documents

One News /May 21, 2012

By Becky Yeh

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)Internal documents filed against the world's largest Christian broadcasting network were quickly sealed by the ministry in the midst of allegations of wrongdoing.

Brittany Koper, the granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network's Paul and Jan Crouch, filed documents detailing allegations of financial abuse and scandals within the ministry.

According to documents filed in the Orange County Superior Court, Koper said her family turned against her when she called the ministry out on its procedures. The Orange County Register reports that in a confidential memo written on August 30, Koper wrote to her grandfather Paul Crouch that TBN practices "violate the IRS Code and State and Federal Laws." The memo is one of many internal emails and documents obtained by the woman.

The documents charge that approximately $50 million went to Matthew Crouch's film company, Gener8xion. Other lavish charges were also allegedly made, including hotel stays and clothing purchases.

TBN asked for the documents to remain sealed until it can determine whether they were fabricated or stolen.

Earlier this month, issued a donor alert [PDF] on the TBN ministry, describing it as "very troubled and dysfunctional" because of the internal family conflict. "Now would be a good time," said the alert, "for the family to relinquish their leadership of TBN so that they might focus on healing within their own family, within the church at large, and with their Lord." is the online database component of Wall Watchers, a group that profiles and reports on nonprofit ministries.

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