Bomb, not Katrina, broke dikes: Farrakhan

Japan Today/October 14, 2005

Washington — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Thursday claimed that explosives, not Hurricane Katrina, broke New Orleans' dikes and flooded poor African American neighborhoods.

"A member of the Army Corps of Engineers saw burn marks on the concrete," Farrakhan told reporters, describing an email he had received.

"They found two types of explosives used by the military," he said, without naming the source, adding that an eight-meter crater had been blown in the dike.

Farrakhan said locals had reported sounds of explosions, among other things, leading him to believe the rumors should be investigated.

"Wickedness exists in high places," he said. "The duty of the government is to prove the rumor to be false or that these suspicions are true."

The Chicago-based Nation of Islam is an offshoot of Islam. Farrakhan has earned headlines with controversial statements about Jews and homosexuals.

He also attacked the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross.

"FEMA is insensitive, there are not enough blacks high up. The Red Cross, too. It's too white, it is! Racism poisoned the bloodstream of politics," he said. (Wire reports)

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