Predictions from "The Master"

July 1998
Edited by a former member of 3HO--also known as Siri Scandal Singh, S.S.S.

Almost every public speech from the last twenty years of Yogi Bhajan has been written down. For much of the year, this can be a daily occurrence. As you might imagine, there are volumes of words. I have excerpted a few quotes from an "in-group" magazine called "Beads of Truth" (1980 Bead Number 6, Volume 2). Most of these quotes are about predictions Yogi Bhajan made. Much of 3H0’s recruiting techniques and philosophy in past years centered on his predictions. You will probably find many of them somewhat general, historically proven to be false and some actually humorous.

Many of these predictions can be seen to fit the criteria for "thought reform" as defined by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal book--"Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism". Follow the footnotes. And now here are the profound prophetic observations of Yogi Bhajan--

Yogi Bhajan speaks

In Yogi Bhajan's own words

See Lifton's criteria--"Mystical Manipulation".

Yogi was wrong--according the history books. But is he promoting a "crisis mentality", feelings of urgency and dependency upon the group for a sense of safety? Is Yogi Bhajan referring to a kind of group compound?

Here Yogi Bhajan sounds like a good psychic or horoscope author--offering the most general projections. There are always divorces, runaway children etc. Of course he essentially offers his philosophy as the only solution--see Lifton's "Sacred Science".

This is a not so cryptic message to the former followers of Yogi Bhajan who simply left rather than endure any longer.

History seems to have proven Yogi Bhajan wrong again. The years mentioned have been largely prosperous and successful for both North and South America.

Again this may describe the conditions that led to many Sikhs leaving 3HO. Perhaps these words are prophetic in an ironic sense--not intended by Yogi Bhajan.

Predictions from the 1974 3HO Teachers Meeting in Santa Cruz, NM Yogi Bhajan said--

"In another 10 years hospitals will have iron windows and people will try to jump out. There will be tremendous sickness. There will be unhappiness and tragedy on earth."

"You remember when five years ago I used to say that 1974 would be a lesson, and none of you perhaps believed it? See what 1974 has brought you? It has brought you gas at 69 cents, energy crisis and everybody is getting crazy."

"The time is now. It will be to later on. You'll not be in a position to do anything. There will be so much insanity that you will be only there to save yourself."

"All acts of insanity are the responsibility of the sane people, because the sane people are lazy and they could not spread wisdom through to the insane people."

"Your dead bodies will lie on these roads, your children will be orphans, and nobody will kick them, rather, people will eat them alive! There will be tremendous insanity. That is the time we are going to face."

"If you fail now to do it, this 'now' will never come back to you, and then, you will be sorry like all the others"

"One white-clad follower of the life to be Happy, Healthy and Holy, should be enough to take away the loneliness, the sickness, from the whole locality."

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