Amway the Untold Story--Censored?




Yet another Double Beelzie for AUS readers! In a stunning development, a group of 29 "upper echelon" distributors files suit against Amway, Yager, Wilson, Bergfeld, Haugen and others, charging them with turning the Amway business opportunity into a "...conspiracy and evil plan to reap hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of thousands and possibly millions of other people."



Disgruntled Soap Company Continues Malicious Smear Campaign Against AUS Author



The information that Amway has tried to supress can now be found at a number of other web sites (listed below). My sincere thanks to the authors of these sites, and to all those others who have expressed their outrage at Amway's thuggish tactics and offered to help carry on the work of getting The Untold Story out to the public.



Due to the threat of legal harassment by Amway Corporation, this site has been shut down.

In the eight years that I've been compiling and posting information about Amway from books, articles, court documents and other publicly available sources, Amway has never once shown any of this information to be inaccurate or defamatory. In all that time Amway has never once contacted me and requested or demanded that I remove or change any of the information on my site.

While I firmly believe (as I'm sure Amway does) that Amway has no legal basis whatsoever for prevailing in any action against me, this of course does not preclude the possibility of a vindictive billion dollar corporation filing such a lawsuit with the purpose of silencing a long time critic by imposing on him an impossible financial burden. It is because I could not afford to defend myself against such a lawsuit, no matter how fallacious and unfounded it may be, and for this reason only, that I have chosen to de-activate this site.

Many of you who have visited this site in the past have downloaded some or all of the information I've compiled and made available here. I hereby give my permission for anyone to use this information in any way they choose, either on a web site of their own or to disseminate it by other means. It is my hope that those who have set up other Amway Information web sites will continue to make this information available so that those considering investing their time and money in Amway will have the opportunity to see "the untold story"--the facts and opinions that Amway and Amway distributors have for so long tried to keep hidden.

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