Celebs Defend Scientology on "20/20"

E-Online/December 18, 1998
By Bridget Byrne

Kirstie Alley says it got her off drugs. John Travolta defends its practices as pioneering.

On Sunday's edition of ABC's 20/20, the two celebs, both active members of the Church of Scientology, stick up for the organization.

Correspondent Tom Jarriel's report contains fervent pro and con from those with inside knowledge of this "godless" religion, based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and claiming 8 million members, including such high-profile Hollywood types as Alley and Travolta, Tom Cruise, singer Al Jarreau and Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley.

Travolta, a vigorous advocate for the church, has petitioned both the U.S. and foreign governments on its behalf. He tells 20/20, "You can look at the origins of almost every religion and see the first so many years they're attacked...Take a look at every program we've instilled in either local communities, prisons, drug rehabs, I mean our statistics are through the roof."

Veronica's Closet star Alley agrees. "I didn't want to do drugs anymore, but I didn't want to live life without doing drugs, and the life was just being squelched out of me. It was a slow death. I had one auditing session in Scientology, and I never did drugs again or had the urge to do drugs again," she tells the news mag.

Auditing, a practice in which members relive painful events--sometimes from their "previous" lives--is shown in hitherto unseen video.

Additional exclusive footage reveals steel-lined tunnels containing the church's secret archives. Unhappy ex-members of the embattled church (currently charged with criminal neglect in the death of member Lisa McPherson) speak of harassment and intimidation. Alley, Travolta and church officials speak of enlightenment.

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