"Rick is a veritable fountain of knowledge. Sharing his considerable knowledge of fundamentalist religious groups was helpful in our work at the cult clinic. It gave us a better perspective of these organizations." Meyer Lightman-MSW District Director at the Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles, CA.

"Rick is well known for his expertise and work in making others aware of cults and their activities. His name immediately comes to my mind when people request the name of someone knowledgeable." Paul M. Moser-Reverend, Stated Cleric at Presbyterian Synod, Arizona.

"Rick has cooperated extensively with the national office of this organization. He has devised an impressive cult prevention education curriculum which is on file at this office. I'm impressed with his competence, forthrightness and integrity, we recommend him highly." Reginald M. Alev, PhD.-Executive Director at Citizens Freedom Foundation/Cult Awareness Network.

"Rick has helped me with all kinds of questions, situations and problems. He has also competently counseled many parents and cult members." Pricilla D, Coates-Executive Director of Citizens Freedom Foundation.

"Rick was instrumental in the development of our guidelines for parents, youth and Community Leaders. He has been an active member of the UAHC committee on cults and missionaries since its inception. I highly recommend Rick Ross." Annette Daum-Department of Interreligious Affairs/ Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

"He is very knowledgeable about cults. His name is among the half dozen best deprogrammers in the country." Cynthia Kisser-Executive Director at the Cult Awareness Network.

"Rick was involved in every case that came to the agency where concern centered around cult membership. Consulting with therapists, social workers, our psychologists and psychiatrists in the agency. The success he experienced grew out of his strong sense of the individual's ultimate right to make his own choices." Lois Tuchler, A.C.S.W.-Executive Director of Jewish Family Service/Phoenix, AZ.


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