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"Deprogramming--that is, providing members with information about the cult and showing them how their own decision-making power had been taken away from them."
--Margaret Singer, Ph.D. psychologist author of "Cults in Our Midst"


NXIVM Sex Cult: How To Rescue A Loved One Who May Have Been ‘Brainwashed’ — Expert Speaks
Retired doctor reminisces about rescuing Moonies cult followers in the 1970s
'Deprogramming' Iraqi Detainees
The great escape
Australia has said it would consider a plan to "de-programme" militants held in jail despite criticism by a rights group that it amounted to brainwashing.
Govt considers deprogramming terrorists
Mother saves daughter from religious sect
Bob Pardon to the rescue
History of Cult Deprogramming
Scientologist "Deprogrammed"
Debate About Deprogramming
Scientologists Engaged in Involuntary "Religious Deprogramming"?

Steven A. Hassan case

Serious complaints about cult specialist Steven Hassan
Licensing complaint against cult specialist and counselor Steven Hassan dismissed without prejudice
In the matter of Steven A. Hassan, Docket No. MH-12-014 Board of Registration of Allied Health and Human Service Professionals
Complaint to licensing board against Steve Hassan prosecuted
Order to Show Cause to suspend, revoke or impose other discipline against the license of Steven A. Hassan

Patrick L. Ryan and Joseph Kelly case

History of lawsuit filed against Patrick L. Ryan
Civil Action Complaint filed against Patrick L. Ryan
Court Order of Judgement against Patrick L. Ryan
Proof of payment made to Patrick L. Ryan
Appeals filed by Patrick L. Ryan after court judgements
Patrick L. Ryan filed for arbitration and a continuance in lawsuit with client

Mary Alice Chrnalogar case

God's love sustains family facing abduction charges
The Pied Piper of Hamilton
Kidnapping or rescuing daughter?
Three more charged in kidnapping
Evangelical group denies it is a cult
Doctor facing kidnap charges
Woman disappeared for 10 days
Kidnapped by family

Szimhart Case

Jury Acquits Two in Deprogramming Case

Galen G. Kelley Case

U.S. Seeks to Fire Prosecutor in Va. For Alleged Misconduct in Cult Kidnapping Case
Imprisoned Cult Deprogrammer Gets Chance for a Second Trial
Return of the Cult Snatcher
Prosecutor Faces Ouster
Hiding the facts

Scott v. Ross

Supreme Court rules against anti-cult network
Supreme Court Denies Appeal By Anti-Cult Group
Cult deprogrammer acquitted
Plaintiff Shifts Stance on Anti-Cult Group
Cult Buster
Cult critic charged in abduction
Cults in the Courtroom
'Deprogrammer' taken to court
Holy Wars
Mom, Church vie for her Firstborn
Affidavit of Katherine L. Tonkin
Anti-Cult Group folds in Wake of Verdict
Anti-Cult and Proud
Cult Awareness Network loses $1.1 Million Lawsuit, Files for Bankruptcy
Declaration of Garry Scarff
Letters from Scientology lawyers to County Prosecutor
Sworn testimony of Jason Scott
What's $2.995 Million Between Former Enemies?
Sermon of UPCI Pastor Harold Kern- Bellevue, Washington
Did Scientology Strike Back?
"Rick Ross - Modern Day Inquisitor" - A Response to the "New CAN" bulletin
7 appeals judges protest deprogramming ruling
Anti-Cult Group Must Pay Award

Rick Ross Cases

How to rescue a cult victim: An interview with Rick Ross, professional deprogammer
Sydney ex-member of religious sect Providence claims last 10 years of her life was a waste
Cult expert counsels boys who belonged to Vt. Group
Gromers using deprogrammer with boys
Waco Davidian deprogrammed
Cult Expert Tries to Help Girl
Sect Recruiters Target Asian Students at UBC, SFU, Campus Chaplains Warn
National religious cult expert who gained local attention has own Web site now
Inside the Anti-abortion Underground
Waiting for a family
'Toxic Christianity,' or God's modern-day movement?