Is Fergie the latest Kabbalah recruit?

Is Sarah Ferguson the latest famous person to investigate Kabbalah?

MSNBC/November 17, 2004
By Jeannette Walls

Looks like Demi Moore may have snagged a royal Kabbalah recruit.

Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York had a hush-hush meeting in London with Rabbi Michael Berg, the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and the author of "Becoming Like God." A source says Kabbalah devotee Demi Moore arranged the meeting.

"Demi told her how much Kabbalah has changed her life," says a source. "Sarah wanted to learn more."

A spokesman for Moore told The Scoop, "I'm not aware of any of that," and a rep for Rabbi Berg says, "I know nothing of this."

A spokesman for the Duchess, however, confirms the story. "She's not declaring herself a Kabbalahist," the rep tells The Scoop. "But she has a lot of interest in spirituality, and she does have friends who are followers of Kabbalah and she's interested in it and she's pursuing that interest."

Other devotees of the trendy offshoot of Judaism include Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

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