Kutcher to Front Kabbalah Energy Drink Campaign

ContactMusic.com/February 3, 2005

Celebrity Kabbalist Ashton Kutcher is to be the face of the new Kabbalah energy drink.

Only a month after the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center caused controversy by raising money to send crates of Kabbalah Water to the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami, bosses announced plans for a whole range of products themed on the mystical offshoot of Judaism.

The LA Center's spokesman Darin Ezra says, "We're going after the Red Bull market. But Kabbalah Energy Drink tastes better. And it's infused with Kabbalah water, which is holy water. If it's successful, there will be more Kabbalah products."

When asked by gossip website The Scoop, if the beverage has "healing powers" like the Kabbalah water, Ezra responds, "I'm not going to comment on that."

Ezra says celebrity Kabbalists Kutcher, Madonna and Demi Moore are currently trying out the drink.

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