Alex Rodriguez's kabbalah tutor going to bat for Madonna's marriage

New York Daily News/July 7, 2008

Madonna's private kabbalah guru and the man who has been trying to save her marriage is also Alex Rodriguez's tutor in the mystical Jewish teachings, sources revealed.

Eitan Yardeni, 44, is a leading figure at the Kabbalah Centre - the controversial outfit that counts Madge as its most prominent member and A-Rod as its newest disciple.

"When Madonna has an emotional meltdown on her tour, he's on the next plane," a Kabbalah Centre insider told the Daily News. "He's been trying to keep Madonna and Guy [Ritchie] together, going back and forth between them."

At the same time, Yardeni is training the Yankee slugger in the particulars of kabbalah.

Madonna became an avowed member and ambassador after stumbling upon a course by Yardeni in 1996. Ritchie joined the spiritual tent when he married her in 2000.

"The trouble is, Guy has been backing away from kabbalah," the insider said. "You used to see him at the service every Friday, at the main table ... but not so much lately."

Rick Ross, a cult expert and critic of kabbalah, said the term "soul mate" - which the Daily News reported A-Rod used to describe Madonna - is central to the faith.

Finding one is promised to new members, but the concept is also used in breaking up unwanted relationships.

"If Guy Ritchie was expressing doubts about the Kabbalah Centre or even indicating he doesn't want to come - thatwould be the basis of seeing him as not in the light, not the right soul mate for Madonna," Ross said.

He compared Madge's status in kabbalah with that of Tom Cruise in Scientology and likened getting Rodriguez onboard to recruiting soccer star David Beckham to Scientology, which Cruise reportedly tried to do last year.

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