Madonna's Religion Has Warning for "Whistleblowers"

Show Biz 26, 2010

There it is, one of the the stranger things I've seen yet on a Federal tax filing for a religion.

On page 21 of the 2008-2009 Form 990 for the Research Center of Kabbalah, Madonna's chosen religion, here is a proviso you won't see so brazenly expressed anywhere else:


The organization is in the process of developing written whistleblower and document retention and destruction policies which will be consistent with governance best practices and the organization's operating policies.

So what are these operating policies? It's not exactly common to see the word "whistleblower" associated with a real religion. But Kabbalah is a business, really, and religion second. They don't want their secrets known, or exposed. This one statement sums up so beautifully what's going on here. Kabbalah leader Karen Berg and her top adviser Muki Oppenheimer are said to be making changes that will take Kabbalah away from whatever roots it had.

The exact same thing is written on the Form 990 for Raising Malawi, the "charity" that's just a front for the Kabbalah Center. Not only does Raising Malawi carry a warning about whistle-blowing, it also lists all the Kabbalah Center organizations, including its massive real estate holding company, as its affiliated groups.

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