Paris Hilton dabbles in mysticism

Visits L.A. Kabbalah Centre

Montreal Gazette/November 29, 2003
By Doug Camilli

Add Paris Hilton to the list of movie stars fooling around with the Kabbalah, an ancient body of mystical Jewish thought that has become a real fad in some circles lately.

OK, Paris is not really a movie star, only a dirty-home-video star, but that's close enough, I think. Anyway, she's been spotted, reports, coming out of the Kabbalah Centre in L.A., a place also frequented by Roseanne Barr, Demi Moore, Madonna, and even Britney Spears.

And Paris left wearing the requisite red string around her left wrist, which I understand is supposed to protect one from negative influences. Well, the girl can use all the help she can get.

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