Madge's Reinvention Tour

Sky News/June 16, 2004

Pop rebel Madonna is marking her adoption of "punk rock" religion Kabbalah by changing her name to Esther. The Material Girl was named after her mother who died when the singer was young and said she wanted to be attached to the "energy" of a new name.

In an interview to be broadcast in the US on Friday, the once bad girl of pop also paints a picture of a normal home life.

There is no nanny to clean up after her children Rocco and Lourdes.

She said: "My children have to clean up their mess, clean up their rooms.

"Manners, thank you, please, take your dishes to the sink. I mean gratitude, being grateful that is that has to happen."

Not so polite is her way of encouraging the children keep the home tidy: "Pick up your s***."

Madonna admitted to ABC News that she had in the past been "selfish" and "brought a lot of chaos to people's lives".

Since following the teachings of the Jewish faith Kabbalah - whose principles she said were very "punk rock" and anti-establishment - the singer has learned to follow new directions.

One of the main changes to date has been her name: "I was named after my mother. My mother died when she was very young, of cancer, and I wanted to attach myself to another name.

"This is in no way a negation of who my mother is. I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name."

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