Who put the mad in Madonna?

Online Sun/August 31, 2004

I never thought I'd see the day when Madonna's rosy relationship with Kabbalah would take a turn for the worse.

But the Queen of Pop has had her first fallout with the leaders of the mystical Jewish faith over her generous financial donations.

Madge, renowned for her shrewd business sense, has demanded a detailed account of how her money has been used since the start of her sell-out Re-Invention tour in May.

She has even refused an invitation to give a lecture at a private seminar held by Kabbalah's top man Rabbi Berg while she waits for the explanation.

The singer has put millions into Kabbalah projects but now wants a bigger say in how the cash is used.

A source said: 'Madonna wants to know what projects her money is going to and why certain projects are chosen ahead of others.

'She wasn't entirely satisfied that it was going towards the projects she thought deserved the most financial support.

'Now she has asked for a clear, detailed report on where the money is being spent before it gets the go-ahead.

'She's as keen as ever to help but is treating it like a business plan - just like she does everything else.'

Madonna's fallout with the faith's leaders is the latest indication that everything is not all roses in Kabbalahland.

Last month hubby Guy Ritchie scrapped with one of her rabbi advisers. He threatened to 'break the face' of the guru because he was angry at his constant interfering.

At one stage the movie director even grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, sparking a row between the superstar couple.

But I don't think this is the end of Madge's love affair with Kabbalah.

She just wants to assert the same control as she does in other parts of her life.

I mean she's well and truly hooked on the faith - from calling herself by her Kabbalah name Esther to drinking only Kabbalah water.

And if her faith has anything to do with her fantastic world tour performances, she should stick with it.

Madonna's concerts in Los Angeles and London completely blew me away.

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