"Cult-like" Group Shakes McGregor

KCRG-TV9 News/September 27, 2005

We recently told you about the Archdiocese of Dubuque's warning to Catholics about a Chicago-based religious group.

The Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission claims to be an extension of the Catholic Church, but Dubuque's Archbishop says it's not.

Now church leaders from the Archdioceses of Chicago agree the group has cult-like tendencies.

The group is having a major impact on the small town of McGregor.

Late last week Lora Knott and her husband Roger, both of McGregor, went to Chicago hoping to find Lora's 19-year- old daughter Ashley Fahey but they had no such luck.

Lora said, "I asked if she was there and he said no and I asked where she was and he wouldn't tell us."

Lora hasn't seen Ashley since August 20th when she suddenly dropped plans to go to college, and took off for Chicago to become a sister with the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission.

"Knowing that if she knew I was out there she wouldn't come and talk to me, it's so unlike Ashley," said Lora.

The streets of McGregor are lined with pink ribbons.

They are a message of hope that Ashley will return home but church leaders say inside these buildings, you'll find people who have a lot of questions.

Sister Mary McCauley, said, "The mood in the town is concern, fear, anguish and I think confusion."

Sister McCauley is the Pastoral Administrator for Ashley's home parish, Saint Mary's in McGregor.

She's worried about Ashley, as well as the hundreds of other Catholics close by.

"Our first call is to compassion. We also have a call to pastoral education and there we are trying to inform the people what the churches standing is on the issue," said McCauley.

Members of the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission did not return phone calls from TV nine.

Tuesday night church leaders from Saint Mary's parish will answer questions about the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission.

The open sharing session will begin at 7p.m.at Saint Mary's church in McGregor.

Everyone is welcome.

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