Some of what Lyons must forfeit

St. Petersburg Times, March 18, 1999

Under the terms of his plea bargain with federal prosecutors, the Rev. Henry J. Lyons agreed to forfeit virtually all his assets, save for the St. Petersburg home he shares with his wife. Lyons must cooperate in identifying anything he owns, including submitting to a polygraph. Here are some of the items he must immediately relinquish to the government:

The Tierra Verde home that Lyons and co-defendant Bernice Edwards bought in 1996 for $700,000 and that Deborah Lyons set on fire in July 1997.

A time-share in Lake Tahoe that Lyons and Edwards bought for $22,500 on Edwards' birthday in 1995.

Thirty-six acres in Longview, Texas. It was not clear who owns this property.

Money in several bank accounts.

Three certificates of deposit at United Bank in St. Petersburg. Two belong to Henry and Deborah Lyons, the third to Bethel Metropolitan Church Life Center.

Two cars, including a 1995 Land Rover belonging to Lyons and a 1993 Volvo belonging to Stephanie Lyons. The Land Rover is in Lyons' name but is registered at Edwards' address.

Miscellaneous jewelry and furniture.

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