Lyons list of federal charges

The Tampa Tribune, July 2, 1998

Count Charge Victim(s) Defendant(s)
1 Conspiracy multiple Lyons, Edwards, Harris
2-7 Wire Fraud Union Planters Lyons
False Statements-Bank
Union Planters Lyons
9 False Statements-Bank Union Planters Lyons, Harris
10 Wire Fraud Nettelle Lyons
11 Interstate Transport Security Loewen Lyons, Edwards
12 Mail Fraud Loewen Lyons, Edwards
13 Extortion Conspiracy Loewen Lyons, Edwards
14-15 Extortion Loewen Lyons, Edwards
16 Mail Fraud Globe Life Lyons, Edwards
17 Interstate Transport Security Globe Life Lyons, Edwards
18 Bank Fraud World Savings Lyons, Edwards
19 False Statements-Bank World Savings Lyons, Edwards
20 Bank Fraud Suntrust Lyons, Harris
21 False Statements-Bank Suntrust Lyons, Harris
22 False Statements-Bank Republic Lyons
23-25 Mail Fraud ADL Lyons
26 Bank Fraud Chase Manhattan Lyons, Edwards
27 Use False SS# Chase Manhattan Edwards
28 False Statements-Bank Chase Manhattan Lyons, Edwards
29 False Statements-Bank United Bank Edwards
30 Bank Fraud United Bank Edwards
31 False Statements-Bank United Bank Edwards
32 Use False SS# United Bank Edwards
33-34 False Statements HUD Lyons
35-36 False Statements HUD Lyons
37 Money Laundering Consp. -------------- Lyons, Edwards, Harris
38-57 Money Laundering -------------- Lyons, Edwards, Harris
58-59 Tax Evasion United States Lyons
60-61 Tax Evasion United States Edwards
----- Section 982 Forfeiture multiple Lyons, Edwards, Harris


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