Explaining the Newest Way to Wealth

December 2001
By a former participant and heavy investor

The "Newest Way To Wealth" (NWTW) is a dba name for a company called "Dream Builders and Associates, Inc.," which is owned and operated by a small group of people who are also Herbalife Distributors. Dream Builders, by the way, is in the business of selling marketing tools to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.

But it appears that the NWTW has developed little more than a recruiting system. They use Herbalife as their "front line" product for the MLM (it appears to be a facade), but their real business looks like selling marketing materials. They heavily promote buying their "tools" to utilize their system.

The system does not involve much retailing of products, because you are actually spending most of your time looking for people to recruit. Often the only purchasing of Herbalife products that is done is by the new Herbalife Distributors you recruit into the system. Distributors purchase enough Herbalife products to place themselves at the Supervisor level and then have products to send to their own new recruits. If you become involved, you simply follow their "plan," which frequently requires nationwide advertising, mass mailings of their booklets and information packages. This is done so that you can find people to recruit and teach them to do the same. You are also encouraged to open merchant accounts, several toll-free voice mails, and mail boxes for receiving mail.

NWTW was able to get many people involved quickly, apparently because they entered into an agreement with about ten to twelve top-level Herbalife Distributors, for the purpose of encouraging others downline to participate in this system. The big "selling point" was that this system is supposed to build "your organization" extremely fast. But often the only thing that happens fast is that you go through your money quickly and simply cannot afford to continue, frequently after a comparatively short length of time.

Of course, a large portion of the money you spend will go into the pockets of the NWTW. That is, unless you are one of the very small fraction of people that actually get "lucky" and are able to really make some money off this thing. But you should more realistically expect to lose your investment rather quickly! It seems like the only people who are making the money are the people at the top.

Copyright © 2001 Rick Ross.

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