Newest Way to Wealth (NWTW) Visitor Comments

"I live in Maine and saw an ad run in the local paper claiming $25 to $50 per hour for work under the title of (now a dead link). I looked out of curiosity. But I never would send money to a company that won't tell you what business they're in until you pay them. After much searching on the Internet, and only after putting in 'The Newest Way To Wealth,' ( a small item I found hiding at the bottom of one of their pages) did I find anything. I hate sleazy people who lie, ESPECIALLY those who are trying to con others into doing it too."

"I stumbled across your website. I almost cried because I lost $10,000.00 on this pyramid scheme."

"I too have been screwed by NWTW. I will be filing bankruptcy soon because of NWTW. My husband and I are about to lose everything. When we started this business we were only $7,000 in debt, now we are $32,000 in debt, due to this crap."

"It took some searching to find out about these people, because they give no name of the company on their websites. Somewhere out there maybe, just maybe, there is a honest work at home business. I always research. I just hope that people check this one out! They market very well and people can easily be taken in, if they don't research first."

"I was working into the 2nd phase of training for the Newest Way to Wealth when I found your website. I was already getting some 'red flags' that caused me to cancel my credit card as a precaution. Comments from others that had lost money in the program was the final confirmation that my fears were well founded! I will continue to check your website for more information. Keep up the good work."

"I only wish I read about 'Newest Way to Wealth' before joining. I too see this as a nightmare, after shelling out $15,000.00 before realizing that this only works for the select few. I found myself bringing people in with little money and feel that this program is unethical. I dropped out before losing everything, but have so much inventory piled up, which I cannot use."

"I lost well over $20,000.00 in three months through the 'Newest Way To Wealth' (NWTW), which used Herbalife as their front line 'product' to recruit people. I know there are others out there like me that lost huge amounts of money, were misled and/or not fully informed about up front costs involved."

"I was searching for a job in the want ads and came across an ad for the 'Global Online System.' They propose making tons of money, while working at home and doing things over the Internet. I ordered their 'Online Decision Package.' I wasted $50.00 to find out that this package was merely a larger form of the ad. It gave absolutely no information on the business and how it works. I decided to contact my 'coach' and we set up an appointment. He called and gave me his pitch, but avoided or was evasive about answering certain questions. Eventually I found out that the product was Herbalife. My coach's answers seemed so memorized, like he was reading it, which he probably was. I did some research and the further I read, the more it became clear. I want everyone to be aware of Global Online System, GH International, which seems to be a front to sell Herbalife products. I came across your website and think you are doing everyone a great favor. Thank you! People should always do research first. Because if it sounds too good to be true, it might not be."

"I am a former distributor that got burned badly by NWTW and am now facing personal bankruptcy as a result. My story is the same as several other NWTW distributors I have run into. I wish I had known about this site before I got involved."

"I am an Herbalife distributor through the Newest Way to Wealth (NWTW). I spent $6,000.00 to buy 5,000 volume points products, setting up the system, which included a toll free number, credit card account and advertising to get people within Herbalife. Since then I have not seen even a penny from this company and organization. The NWTW organization seems hungry for your money and they work like a team to make things look good, but these people are brainwashers. I hope if people see posters on the street about working from home they will ignore it, and not fall in this trap like I did."

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