Former ORU professors file new version of lawsuit

Tulsa World/January 25, 2008

Former Oral Roberts University professors Tim Brooker and Paulita Brooker filed a new version of their lawsuit on Friday, adding and subtracting people they are suing.

In the new version, they no longer are suing ORU Provost Mark Lewandowski, but they added as defendants the individual members of the governing boards of ORU, Oral Roberts Ministries and Oral Roberts Evangelical Association.

The ORU board members who are listed include Chairman George Pearsons, the executive committee minus university founder Oral Roberts, the business regents and Associate Regent Michael Cardone Jr., who has been an associate regent at least since 2000. People who resigned from the board since the lawsuit was filed Oct. 2 are included: Lindsay Roberts, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, I.V. Hilliard and Benny Hinn.

Oral Roberts Ministries and OREA directors are listed as John Doe(s) and Jane Doe(s).

The Brookers' legal claims and arguments remain the same in the latest version of their lawsuit, although they now specify which defendants are facing which accusations.

Former plaintiff John Swails settled his portion of the case following a day of mediation Jan. 10. ORU offered him a job teaching and leading the new Center for Israel and Middle East Studies. He started Jan. 14.

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