Cult leader killed boy he 'thought was gay'

9 News, Australia/June 12, 2012

The leader of a polygamous cult has pleaded guilty to the murder of a four-year-old boy he believed was gay and an ex-girlfriend who tried to leave the sect.

Peter Moses, who led a cult called the Black Hebrews in Durham, North Carolina, shot 28-year-old Yvonne McKoy and Jadon Higganbothan in 2010.

Moses lived with five women who acted as wives and fathered seven of the eight children in the house, excluding Jadon.

He thought Jadon was homosexual because his father was gay and he saw the child hit another boy on the bottom.

Moses decided to "get rid" of the child after he started to believe he was gay, prosecutors said during yesterday's trial.

Moses, who is believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder, pulled Jadon into the garage of the house and shot him in the head with his mother's gun.

He played music with The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew so the others could not hear.

He made the cult members put the young boy's body in a suitcase and store it in his master suite until it began to smell.

Ms McKoy was killed in a similar way after she told Moses she could not have children and wanted to leave the cult.

Police only discovered the two bodies after a woman escaped the sect and said two people had been killed in the home.

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