Brother Stair Arrested: Criminal Sexual Conduct & Breech Of Trust 2002
By Francis Steffan

On Thursday May 16, 2002 the self-proclaimed "Profit of God" "Brother" Ralph G. Stair was arrested, for two counts of criminal sexual conduct and two counts of breech of trust.

The arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation by the State Law Enforcement Division brought on by numerous allegations from former residents of Stair's "Overcomer ministry."

As many know, Stair has a vast radio ministry that crosses international borders. What many do not know, is that for most to become members of the "Overcomers's community" they must sell their worldly possessions and turn over the proceeds to Ralph Stair, or use their life savings to finance the "ministry" through land purchases or cash infusement.

Mr. Stair's wife Teresa claims "Brother" Stair admits to having sex with several "women" at the community. The claims and charges revolve around the fact that the women in question were underage, which means they were under the age of eighteen when Ralph Stair allegedly had sex with them. "Brother" Stair is sixty-nine.

The March, two months ago, issue of The American Voice newspaper had an in-depth center page article concerning the allegations against "Brother" Stair. "Brother" Stair's activities are far more involved than the current charges against him [seem to] represent...stay turned.

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