Overcomers Ministry, R.G. Stair Visitor Comments

"We were stupid, but we are not hiding it. There is something more important involved here, and that's telling the world about the monstrosities committed at the Stair compounds. R. G. STAIR is telling the world that he is 'The Last Day Prophet of God'. The devil wants us to focus on ourselves, and go hide so no one will know how stupid we were. As far as I am concerned, what happened there was so evil, that I thank God that I have had the opportunity to be able to tell the truth!"

"We did not give money 'to God' or R.G. Stair. My husband worked all his life and is now 58-years-old. When people say that we gave our money to a church or God, it seems to me that we are being emotionally and spiritually raped all over again! We didn't give our money 'to God.' R.G. Stair stole our money. And Stair does not represent God. He represents the devil, who pretends to represent God. Stair is a thief. Does it make sense that we would give all our money to Stair so we could face our retirement years depending upon our children to support us, or end up on welfare? Do you think we agreed to that? Our mistake was believing a liar. But please don't anyone say that we gave our money 'to God.' That is blaspheming the name of God. Do you think we went into a place agreeing to that? We handed over our pension, insurance policies, the money from the sale of our home and everything we had in the bank because Stair said it would be as it was in the Book of Acts, when the disciples shared everything. He told us all that the land did not belong to him, but to all of us. But he took our money and then kicked us out. Stair put nothing down in writing. It seems like if you want to steal vast amounts of money and rape women, you just do it in the 'name of God' and call yourself a prophet or pastor. Then you are not accountable to anyone!"

"I recently left a group in Tennessee. But the big man in charge was R.G. Stair, a short-wave radio host. Recently Stair was arrested on two 'rape' and two 'breech of trust' charges. My group leader was under Stair and he still owes me money. When my family and I moved there I had to give up my money, but was told that I would get it back if I ever left. While I lived there, I was subjected to much abuse. The leader told me that I would go to hell if I ever left. He would scream at me, call me 'rebellious' and a 'child of hell,' amongst other names. It was so bad that I actually thought about suicide, which is something I had never thought of before. I lost so much weight while there that when I finally left, I was nothing but skin and bones."

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