Sex cult guru who recruited dozens of women to his sect that believes orgies and prostitution help bring 'enlightenment' faces extradition to Russia after being arrested in Bulgaria

Daily Mail, UK/September 22, 2017

By Will Stewart

Russia is seeking to close down a bizarre 'sect' run by a former fitness coach who has recruited dozens of women to his teachings that enlightenment is only attainable through sex.

Sergey Kirienko, 41, accused of forcing his followers to take part in orgies and prostitution 'in the name of god', has been detained in Bulgaria and faces extradition to Moscow amid fears that children of his female disciples were kidnapped or abused.

His wife Ksenia Khodyreva fled abroad but another concubine and sect founder Tatiana Severtseva is under house arrest following her extradition from Sofia.

Meanwhile, Russia staged an elaborate operation involving police in Belarus to rescue a five-year-old boy whose mother Anastasia Ziboreva has become 'an ardent follower' of Kirienko, cutting off all ties with her relatives, and apparently offering sexual services to clients in South America on his orders.

She is also known by the name Masha More and features in cult online footage amid fears she was brainwashed by the 'spiritual guru'.

The boy - Yakov - was found recently in Belarus in a car 'with two strangers'.

He had been kidnapped 14 months ago by members of the cult from his grandparents' flat in Moscow, and police initially feared he had been murdered.

Cult members released images showing he was still alive, but it took an international police operation to rescue him.

A criminal case is investigating his abduction and seeking evidence of whether he was the victim of sexual crime and torture.

The child has been returned to his grandparents, who are now caring for him.

The Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crime, remains concerned about seven-year-old twin girls who are still with sect followers.

An alleged crony of the cult leader - Dmitry Tsaturyan - was blamed for separating the boy from his mother. He is now detained pending investigations.

Bizarre 'spiritual' leader Kirienko, branded an 'impostor' by the Russian media, styles himself Mithradevananda Paramahamsa and also makes money by selling online porn films showing his concubines, it is alleged.

He preaches the benefits of tantric sex.

Before fleeing Russia, the Siberian-born leader divided his women followers into 'castes'.

The 15 women in the highest caste lived with him in a three-storey house in Mytishchi, a drab Moscow suburb.

When the Russian equivalent of the FBI first became interested in him, he and his women fled to Cancun in Mexico, where his entourage offered their services to rich clients.

From here the so-called Kaula Dkharma sect went to Belgium before reaching Bulgaria.

Participation in orgies was obligatory for everyone who was invited to join the sect, according to Russian television network NTV.

The orgies were recorded, and videos were sold online, with the income going to Kirienko.

Law enforcement sources in Moscow say they are hopeful of Kirienko being extradited soon when he is expected to face criminal charges.

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