Skinheads Trash Jewish Center in Central Russian City

MosNews/April 23, 2004

Skinheads broke into a Jewish community center in the Volga city of Ulyanovsk, damaging the property and promising to return, the news agency reported Friday.

The incident took place on Thursday. Eight young persons burst into the Shalom center shouting Anti-Semitic slogans. Onece inside, they tore off Jewish banners and destroyed the emblems.

There were only three elderly women and a 16-year-old boy in the center, they could not offer resistance to the skinheads. There was a girl among the thugs. The massacre lasted five minutes, then the skinheads promised to come back in two weeks.

It took the police 40 minutes to appear, the agency reported. A special patrol was sent to the center on Tuesday because it was expected that skinheads could hold a pogrom on Hitler's anniversary. On Wednesday the patrol remained on duty, and on Thursday a policeman came to ask if everything was all right. In half an hour after he left, the skinheads came.

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