Moscow Police Has Hands Full With Hundreds of Skinheads, Psychos

MosNews/November 2, 2004

Moscow police report they have registered over 500 juveniles who have expressed racist or extremist views, and the number may be much higher when crimes that have gone unregistered are taken into consideration.

The city's police force is concerned about extremist tendencies among teenagers, head of the city police, Vladimir Pronin, announced at a municipal government meeting. Over half of the registered extremists are schoolchildren, and the "500 are only those that have been registered with police, when we actually detain much more, hundreds of them," the Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.

He added that the trends reflect poor standards in educating and bringing up children.

But the problem was not only the extremists among Moscow's teenagers, he said, but also hundreds of football hooligans, and "the psychos who come in from the region to watch sports events."

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