Skinheads beat unmercifully American diplomat in Kiev

forUm/March 2, 2005

The diplomat of the USA, afro-American Robert Simmons, was brutally beaten in Kiev. American was attacked by a group of Skinheads.

Simmons said that his white friends had not been attacked. According to the diplomat, police appeared only when offenders had hidden. Embassy of the USA in Kiev requires that Ukrainian authorities find guilty of attack.

Simmons is the employee of USAID organization (U.S. Agency for International Development) in Uzbekistan.

The attack was accomplished on Saturday February, 26 by the group of young people. Simmons declared that he was attacked by "well organized group of young skinheads in army boots." "I was beaten because I was afro-american. They did not touch my friends which were not black," - said Simmons.

According to the USA embassy's statement, it will make its best to Ukrainian authorities find the instigators of racist attack, which, in opinion of employees of diplomatic mission, are not rareness lately in Ukraine.

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