Court upholds suspended sentence over neo-Nazi website

CTK, Prague/August 6, 2008

Brno - The Czech Supreme Court has upheld a three-year suspended sentence with a 3.5 year probation for a skinheads movement supporter, who was convicted of launching and operating neo-Nazi web pages, the court announced the verdict given at a closed session in its electronic database Tuesday.

The young man together with accomplices in 2004 launched the pages on which they praised Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany and called for the liquidation of Jews and Romanies.

The pages do not exist any more.

The young man and another skinheads supporter were convicted by the district court in Cesky Krumlov, south Bohemia, in June 2007. The verdict was later upheld by the regional court in Ceske Budejovice.

The police took interest in shortly after the pages were made accessible. The pages featured swastikas and many venomous racist attacks.

The word Sonnenrad is used for another Nazi symbol, the so called sun wheel, that neo-Nazis often use in Germany.

The group of the web pages' authors endorses "Hammerskins" who fully support the legacy of Nazism and they were an influential ultra-right group in the Czech Republic particularly in the 1990s.

In 2004 the group announced on its web pages that the Czech section of Hammerskins has resumed its activities.

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