Russian neo-Nazi gang admits 20 murders

Daily Record, UK/October 3, 2008

Two neo-Nazi skinhead leaders have admitted murdering 20 people and wounding a dozen more in a series of random racist attacks.

Detectives think the gang led by Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky killed up to 30 dark-skinned victims in a 14-month orgy of violence.

The swastika-wearing mob, which included female Hitler worshipper Svetlana Avvakumova, would follow their victims and kill them while filming the attacks on their phones.

Pictures they took show the Russians posing and giving Nazi salutes next to the dead bodies.

The gang was killing the mainly Asian-looking victims from the former Soviet republics in a twisted belief they were cleansing the Russian nation of impure foreigners, said police.

Ex-choir boy Ryno, 17, from Yekaterinburg, was arrested in April for a murder of a prosperous Armenian Muscovite, Karen Abramyan.

One detective said: "The gang used to gather spontaneously, when they had free time from their studies.

"They would get boozed up, then go into the suburbs roaming around looking for a victim.

"They would attack their victims silently and then watch their agony. Once they attacked a Ukranian man, mistaking him for an Asian looking Tajik man in the darkness."

Ryno was arrested trying to flee in a tram after their last victim, Abramyan, was stabbed 20 times. Marta Abramyan, the victim's wife, witnessed the attack. She said: "I saw everything.

"I heard him cry, 'Take the money, take anything, but stop stabbing me!' But they didn't care, they were finishing him off".

Ryno later told police: "I hate people from the Caucasus and Asians, who have come to Moscow to oppress the Russians."

He admitted he committed his first crime on August, 2006, near Cherkizovsky Market when afight broke out and he randomly joined in.

He told police proudly: "We were walking when I noticed a clash and hurried to help. I took out my knife and stabbed a non-Russian several times."

According to the Russian Government analytical centre, 440 people have been victims of racist assaults this year, including 48 deaths.

Experts believe there are neo-Nazi gangs in 85 cities across Russia.

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