White-state plan dismissed as racist fantasy

The New Zealand Herald/January 23, 2009

A plan to create a European "mini state" in New Zealand has been labelled a racist fantasy likely to run into trouble with the law.

Kyle Chapman, a former Skinhead and head of the National Front, has been roundly condemned after appealing to other "like-minded Europeans" to join him in his "first base" in largely rural North Canterbury.

The base would feature housing, business, a social bar, grounds for sport fighting and survivalist training, and schooling "away from the multicultural brainwashing of current system schools", Mr Chapman says in a letter leaked on to a blog site.

The proposal has received a scathing response from community leaders and Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres.

"Mr Chapman has been floating these kinds of white supremacist ideas for some time. Judging by his lack of success, most New Zealanders have come to see them as the fantasies they are," Mr de Bres said.

Mr Chapman has become the face of extreme nationalist views in New Zealand. He has convictions for the arson of a Southland marae, but claims to have changed his ways.

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove, whose constituency includes North Canterbury, said: "I don't think he will get a following, except for a few Skinhead nutters."

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