13th member of alleged white supremacist group arrested

News 13, Florida/May 19, 2012

Osceola County -- A 13th person connected to an alleged white supremacist group out of Osceola County has been arrested, accused of hate crimes.

John Wyczlinski, 33, was arrested Thursday. He's allegedly a member of American Front, a group considered a domestic terrorist organization. Investigators say Wyczlinski and 12 others were planning attacks against other groups, and preparing for an inevitable race war. Wyczlinski was mentioned in court documents as a member of the group tasked to retrieve another member from Tampa back in 2011.

American Front was working out of a compound in rural Osceola County and engaging in para-military training. Earlier this month one of the leaders of the group denied the charges exclusively to News 13, saying she was not racist, and calling herself a "proud white nationalist."

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