White Supremacist says foreclosure won't stop Aryan Nations compound

NWCN KREM News, Washington/November 28, 2012

Priest River, Idaho - White Supremacist Shaun Winkler said he is not going to let foreclosure stop him from building a new Aryan Nation compound in Bonner County.

Winkler said he owes nearly $10,000 in back mortgage payments on his land in the Hoodoo Mountains. He purchased the 17 acres near Priest River in 2011, and the seller told KREM 2 News Winkler stopped paying his mortgage nearly a year ago.

The property is going into foreclosure and will be put up for auction January 14.

Winkler said he started running into financial problems last spring after running for Bonner County Sheriff. He said he lost his job because of his controversial beliefs

Winkler said he already has another piece of property lined up for a White Supremacist compound. He said a family who supported his run for sheriff is giving him several acres of land so he can invite families with ties to the KKK and Aryan nations to come and live there.

The new compound will used as a rally point, Winkler said. It will be located about one mile away from the acreage in foreclosure by the Hoodoo Mountains.

Winkler said people in the Priest River community seem to be more accepting of his beliefs than other towns in Idaho.

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