White Supremacist Fliers Found in Mass.

The Associated Press/August 19, 2001

Sharon, Mass. -- Hundreds of packets of racist and anti-Semitic pamphlets and fliers were dropped on lawns across this predominantly Jewish Boston suburb.

The white supremacist leaflets, found Saturday, were signed by a West Virginia-based group called the National Alliance.

As Daniel Spira walked to synagogue Saturday morning, he picked the packets up from lawns and shook his head at "the cowards who dropped them in the middle of the night."

The pamphleteers' only violation was littering, but police "still want to find out who did this," police Lt. J.J. McGrath told the Boston Sunday Globe.

Rob Leikind, director of the Anti-Defamation League of New England, called the contents of the leaflets "classic Nazi hate theories." Included were pamphlets by William L. Pierce, the National Alliance leader whose book "The Turner Diaries" is believed to have inspired Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

There was no answer on Sunday at a telephone listing for a Massachusetts chapter of the National Alliance.

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