Relatives want part of Kibwetere's church land

Daily Monitor, Uganda/January 6, 2010

Relatives of the late Paul Kashaku are demanding the property left by the Church for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God founded and headed by Joseph Kibwetere, Daily Monitor has learnt.

Kashaku was the father of Kerodonia Mwerinde, one of the cult followers.

Kibwetere is believed to have died in a fire that claimed hundreds of cult believers in March, 2000.

The Kanungu town council town clerk, Ms Edith Turyasasira, said Kashaku's three relatives, Ms Lydia Begirira, a daughter-in-law, Ms Mary Kyomugisha and onother identified as Ms Atuheire, have demanded to take over part of the property left by the church.

"We have been trying to get ownership and develop the land for better use as town council and the district," Ms Turyasasira said on Monday. "But these three have demanded ownership of the land so we have given them the necessary go ahead and pursue ownership for part of the land." She said they were identified by residents as Kibwetere's relatives.

Ms Turyasasira said the trio has also been forwarded to the Administrator General to receive the deceased's benefits and certificate of no objection after a meeting with residents of Katate cell where Kashaku was resident.

Most of the land on which the church stood is under the district and the town council custody until one of the church leaders claims it, according to Ms Turyasasira.

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