Rosie Cult-ivates Her Rage

The New York Post/March 21, 2002
By Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson

Rosie O'Donnell came out swinging yesterday at the racist, homophobic group that got her to narrate its Oscar-nominated documentary, "Artists and Orphans: A True Drama." O'Donnell is demanding she be taken out of the film produced and written by members of the Fourth Way, run by multimillionairess Sharon Gans.

A shocked O'Donnell raged on her morning show: "Their lawyer called me and warned me not to call them a cult, but . . . you know how you know when you're in a cult? You don't know!" She went on, "What is my luck that of all the theater groups in the world, the one I pick would be a cult?" Regarding Lianne Klapper McNally, who got O'Donnell involved, Rosie said: "I'm so sickly co-dependent, I want to save that woman from the cult . . . I am going to get every bit of information on the cult and send it to her . . . I know you're watching me, I talked to you about your kid. There is a God. Get out of the cult! Call me."

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