Televangelist sends a 'refund'

Canwest News Service, Canada/June 12, 2008

Nanaimo - Televangelist Peter Popoff's ministry has reimbursed a Nanaimo woman after she went public with concerns about the fundraising techniques of the California-based church.

Josie Gurney, 58, almost threw away the envelope from the Vancouver branch of the Word for the World Ministries, thinking it was just another appeal for money from the parent organization.

But she looked inside the envelope and found a cheque for $69.08.

It arrived less than a month after Gurney went public with concerns about how Popoff's ministry raises money by selling "holy water" and other religious artifacts.

The brief letter said the cheque was to reimburse her for donations she'd made in the past. It said her name had been added to the no-mail list, and thanked her for her previous support.

"I'm not even going to cash the cheque," she said. "To me it's like a payoff and I'm not going to let a $69 cheque change all the things that happened to me. So the cheque is not going to be cashed, for now."

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