Victory Outreach Visitor Comments

"I went almost two months without even being able to contact my family, and even get a letter from them. They used to say that our middle name should be 'flow.' We were supposed to just go with the flow of things. They said we need to learn how to submit to authority. I remember having a severe tooth ache, and not being able to even take medicine for it. I also remember them working us like slaves, and I didn't know untill way later that they got paid off of our labor. All I know is that when I finally left the home I thought God was gonna strike me with lightning; because they said I made a covenant with god and if I left my life would be 'seven times seven worse.'It was very strict religion. I am not religious now just saved. I am not overly righteous either or full of pride, but those were the fruits we bore at that home. There was no love or understanding; yet they called it the school of the Holy ghost. After I left there I learned the real love of God. He is so fair, and gracious, and kind."

"We clicked on your site by accident and we were surprised by what we read. Someone we know was in victory outreach (won't say where), a new one. This person is grateful to V.O but couldn't stay in the mens home longer than a month. The things you wrote in your article are exactly the things he experienced (once he was free from the drugs) very little food and told to sit down and shut up and read his bible. We ourselves were sadly part of V.O for a year, but when we saw what went on we decided our time had come to leave. We were really sorry about this, but what has been written by others was exactly what our friend experienced. We are in the process of closing the door for good with V.O and we pray that they will change their way of doing things."

"My daughter was in the women's home in northern California. I am a born-again Christian, and the way they run a home was just appalling. They don't feed the women properly and work them out in the hot sun. They take their welfare money each month, and then won't give them toilet paper. After my daughter left the home, we went to church Sunday morning and they rebuked her. They would not even look at or talk to her. I asked the pastor's wife where is the love of God? You can't take people off the street and then not take care of there personal needs. What they are doing is not in God's will. It took years, but my daughter has finally joined a good church."

"I was a member of Victory Outreach for seven years. But I realized that there were many things wrong. People were told they didn't need education and the church was always raising money for something to 'expand the vision.' Expecting members to give 'above and beyond.' I am in agreement with what everyone else has expressed about this church. Victory Outreach seems in some ways to engage in mind control."

"I totally agree with everything about Victory Outreach. My wife and I were members and everything you have exposed was evident in our church. We are done with V.O. I believe it's an unloving church. We were members for six years, but for the past three years struggled whether to stay or go. Recently we left and reading information on your site confirmed that we made the right move. I was in leadership in the church. When I decided to step down the pastor told me that I would eventually back slide. I'm 28-years-old and have been serving God for ten years. I am not back sliding, just leaving V.O."

"Teach Sonny's Vision at all times. Trust that Sonny and his so-called Elders are men of integrity. We sold all we had to go out in the mission field. Little did we know that VO might not provide for their missionaries, regardless of what challenges families faced. They refused to take responsibility, even though they had funding from 'United We Can,' which was supposedly to be used for missionaries.The families that are out there, are constantly worrying about how there are going to provide for themselves, their congregation and still send Sonny money. If you even say anything about this, you are considered a negative person. The VO detention camps leave you worse off than when you came in. Because all you hear from these fanatics is, 'You don't have enough faith to take your city for Jesus.' Discouragement instead of encouragement. Rebuke instead of Love. Enemies instead of friends. The ongoing abuse does not stop. We did not want to be a part of such an organization, so we finally decided to walk away."

"I also went through spiritual abuse for a very long time at the hands of Victory Outreach. It has taken me a long, time to recuperate. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that that He allowed me to see the true light. I am still very angry at Sonny for allowing such a lack of accountability."

"I thank God for your web site. I was once involved in Victory Outreach and saw the rejected and dejected there. People were abused by this group, which claims to be Christian, but really offers its own theology. Victory Outreach should share the fruits spoken of in Galatians 5:22, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. But they produced casualties from their non-loving, tough love, gang influenced policies instead."

"Your site has helped me to deal with Sonny's tactics. He and his family are enriched by the sacrifice of the hurting many. They demand 10% of your income, a dollar-a-day and a greater 'blessing' if you belongs to a special club. And if you give then you have his 'vision,' which he says is Gods' vision! Sonny charges outrageous prices for his special retreats. His M.O. regarding rehab homes is to indoctrinate the hurting to bow at his feet and pay the price through their work. Sonny supposedly has this 'God-given' special 'anointing' and he has mislead many. Again, I thank God for you and the courage your site helps create."

"My wife and I were members of Victory Outreach. What a complete nightmare this so-called 'Christian Church' was. All they ever talked about was money, money, money. When the pastor started asking for 25% of our income we knew it was time to get out. All the pastors there worship money. Even in bible studies the would constantly press for money. If you don't give, they shun and isolate you. They worship Pastor Sonny, who runs around in tailored suits, drives a BMW and wears a Rolex. Sonny owns a yacht and keeps an apartment in New York City. V.O. uses the name of Jesus to make money for its leaders, who live a high lifestyle. What a disgrace to almighty God they are. The V.O. founder is a dictator and money is its God. We will continue to pray that unsuspecting members will be delivered from these wolves in sheep's clothing. God will be their final judge. Thanks for showing the truth about these people at your website."

"I am writing as a witness to the spiritual abuse and lies from Sonny, his family dynasty and 'yes men.' These so called elders who use psychological terrorism. I went to an indoctrination center for over nine months. I was vulnerable, seeking God and help. I was ripe for abuse. Forty men were cramped into a two bedroom house sleeping anywhere and everywhere. We were told to get on General Relief and those who did not were forced to leave. They said we must be obedient to the leadership because 'God' had 'anointed' them."

"Thank God for your Web site, which is showing the complete truth. My wife and I were members of Victory Outreach. What a complete nightmare this so-called Christian Church is. All they ever seemed to talk about was money, money, money. When the pastor asked for 25% of our income we knew it was time to get out. If you don't give--they shun and isolate you from other members. They worship their founder Pastor Sonny--who runs around in tailored suits, drives a BMW and wears a Rolex. Victory Outreach uses the name of Jesus to make money for the leaders and their high living lifestyle. Pastor Sonny is a dictator and money is God to these people. We will continue to pray that all unsuspecting members will be delivered from these wolves in sheep's clothing. One thing I know from the Scriptures is that they can't take the BMWs, Mercedes and Rolex watches with them when they die. Jesus said, what use is it if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul."

"I'm a youth at Victory Outreach and have been going to the church for years. I read your Web page and thought about it. It was funny because they said, 'Rick Ross is the Devil's advocate'--or something like that. I thought about how they tell you to do 'God's will' and if you don't then you are 'Satan's child.' Thanks your Web page is helping."

"Thanks for telling it like it is. I came out of Victory Outreach at Santa Cruz--same legalism and worldly control trips going on there. I've got some stories as bad if not worse. Well, just wanted to say thanks for warning people."

"I know for a fact that they have people in ministry leadership positions who hate their entire immediate family. My sister is one of these people. My whole family are 'born again' Christians, but my sister and her husband still hate us all and have also taught their son to hate us too. How can people who are supposed to have forgiveness and be 'Christ like' hate their own families, be in leadership positions and minister to others in a church?"

"As a former member I can attest to many of this Pastor's concerns and experiences. This 'difference of opinion' led to the breakup of the second largest congregation outside of the 'Mother Church' at the time."

"After finding your site I could literally cry. I was wondering if the Victory Outreach program (church) that you [posted information] about was the same one I placed my sister in two months ago. And there can be no doubt it was. I placed my sister in their home thinking it was Christian in-patient drug rehabilitation. After 3 weeks of serious abuse, she left the program in need of medical help. They refused to take her to a hospital and told her that her illness was a 'spirit.' She called me just after midnight and I picked her up and took her to the hospital. While in the program she was made to work 6 days a week approximately 12 hours a day doing car washes and cleaning houses to "earn money for the home" along with the other women in the house. She was only allowed two meals a day, usually beans and rice and one day mandatory fasting despite showing symptoms of diabetes, which runs in our family.

I am so angry that I was not better informed about this group. In fact my own church gave me the referral. Since notifying my church about what took place they have taken them off their referral list and have acknowledged that they have received a lot of phone calls alleging the same abuses. Two days after my sister left Victory Outreach, two other women were kicked out of their house for questioning their authority and I ended up taking them into my home. Not knowing exactly what to do, I ended up taking them to another Victory Outreach house thinking the problem was only in the one house, but within a week discovered otherwise. As far as I'm concerned my church removing them from their referral list is not good enough! They are abusing people especially the women in the houses and more awareness within the body of Christ needs to take place. I plan on doing everything I can to alert. Praise the Lord that I was able to find your Web site".

"Thank you for your page regarding Victory Outreach and the fact that there is life after ministry there. I was a staff minister with Peter Belaustegui---you have his testimony/story posted on your web site. He is a dear man of God. It is important that his story be told. My time with VO and Pastor Peter was very valuable. He is unique, and we didn't have a lot of the problems in our local church due to the fact that he fought it all the time. May the Lord continue to strengthen you."


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