Baptist church website is attacking the ACLU 29, 2003

A Baptist church website is attacking the ACLU and two Lafayette lesbians who gained national attention after their son told a classmate his mom is gay.

In about two weeks, members of the congregation will picket outside the boy's school in Youngsville.

They're coming from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

A news release on its web site, says "god hates gays," calling them selfish, and filthy people pretending to be families with kids.

It goes on to describe the Lafayette family as brazen and out-of-the closet calling their 7-year-old son "pitiful."

Reverend Perry Sanders, Pastor at First Baptist Church in Lafayette wants it known, these out-of-towners are not associated with southern Baptists.

He tells KATC, the reverend of the Kansas church is coming with a mean-spirited attitude.

Westboro Baptist Church will start picketing at 7:30 in the morning, January 12th, at Ernest Gallet Elementary in Youngsville.

A Lafayette group is organizing a counter-protest.

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