Sony Charges Westboro Baptist Church With Copyright Infringement

The Pitch, Kansas City/August 28, 2009

Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, home of Pastor Fred Phelps and the "God Hates Fags Campaign," has been hit with copyright infringement from Sony/ATV Music. In a letter to the church, Sony lawyer Peter Brodsky states that a video on the church's website "constitutes a serious infringement of Sony's copyright."

That video is "Hey Jews," the Beatles' hit written as a claim that the Jews are evil reprobates who killed Christ and have yet to repent. The letter from Brodsky goes on to paint "Hey Jews" as an "unauthorized derivative of the Compostion" ["Hey Jude"], "one of the most popular and recognizable songs in the history of popular music."

It's a parody, and it'd be hilarious if it weren't in 100% seriousness. Still, it brings to mind what I once read in Bill Shapiro's The Rock and Roll Review, in that he might not like what you say, but he'll defend to the death your right to say it. This sort of thing chaps my hide six ways from Sunday, but they're legally within their rights. Morally? Well, that's a personal question.

You can watch it below, but keep the volume down, for cryin' out loud. There's a dude yelling the word "cunt" really loud at the beginning.

Hey Jews - The funniest home videos are here

This brings to light a question I was pondering today. The Flaming Lips once said "I think hell's got all the good bands anyway," but what musician of Christian faith would be good enough to get you to full-on repent and attend church? If you're a hardcore atheist sinner, fallen to the wayside of the road to Heaven, and backsliding to hell, would knowing that Prince is hardcore into Jesus be enough to make you want to get into Heaven?

What about Alice Cooper? Hank Williams? Johnny Cash?

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