Complaint filed in WOFF case

The Daily Courier/July 22, 2003

Rutherfordton -- A woman who retained custody of her stepson last week despite a challenge from the boy's aunt who is a member of the Word of Faith Fellowship has filed a complaint with the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department alleging kidnapping and child abuse.

On Monday, deputies met with prosecutors in the District Attorney's office and agreed to conduct interviews this week before deciding what charges, if any, will be filed, said Chief Deputy C. Philip Byers.

The complaint from Kimberly A. Worley of Tampa, Fla., alleges her stepson was taken to the Spindale-based church without authority from November 2000 until March 2003.

"While there, he was taped (to) a chair, struck with wooden objects (and had) his mouth, arms and legs taped down on many different dates," states the narrative in the complaint.

The case stems from a custody dispute involving the boy's uncle Gene Worley and Gene's estranged wife Denise.

Last Thursday, Kim Worley won a court case brought by Denise Worley in an attempt to bring the child back to Rutherford County.

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