Word of Faith member postpones testimony of assault

Digital Journal, North Carolina/December 12, 2012

By Jean Gordon

Forest City - A former member of the Word of Faith Fellowship declined to present testimony Monday before the Rutherford County Grand Jury after learning one of the jurors is a member of the grand jury.

Michael Lowery was scheduled to tesify about an incident he reported to the sheriff's department on Feb. 20, 2012, regarding as assault case that happened in August 2011.

In the report Lowery says he was assaulted by members of the church for being gay. The report also says Lowery said he was hit about the face and chest area because he was homosexual and they were trying to get him to stop being gay. The incident report also says, Lowery was told by the church members, he had demons in him.

On Monday when Lowery was scheduled to testify, he said he recognized one of the grand jury members as being a member of the Word of Faith and was concerned about having a biased jury. Lowery was given the choice to proceed with his testimony or postpone the case until January.

Lowery's testimony has been rescheduled until the grand jury reconvenes on Jan. 14, 2013.

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