Expert Witness

In the Superior Court of Arizona in and for the County of Coconino
Judge William F. Garbarino
January 26,1990
In re the Marriage of Robin S. and Robert Roy McPhetridge.

"…Counsel for Respondent(Robert McPhetridge) moves to qualify the witness as an expert, counsel for the Petitioner(Robin McPhetridge) having no objection, and the Court so find."
"The witness continues to testify on cross and redirect examination."
"Rick Ross is sworn and testifies on behalf of Respondent on direct examination."

In the Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County
Judge Comm. Jane Bayham-Lasselyong
April 19, 1989
In re the Marriage of Deborah Lynn O'Meara and George James O'Meara

"This court has taken issue of testimony of Mr. Ross as an expert under advisement."
"This Court finds that Mr. Ross would qualify as an expert to render an opinion on a destructive cult, destructive cult activity or behavior relating to such cults."

Law Offices of Mariscal, Weeks, McIntyre & Friedlander,P.A.
letter from Judith M. Wolf
March 7,1990
In re the Marriage of Deborah Lynn O'Meara and George James O'Meara

"…We researched the field of available experts whom we could utilize in both a consultant and Jehovah Witness capacity relating to the issue of mind control, the visitation…. After significant investigation, we lucked upon Rick Ross. I spent numerous hours with Rick discussing the strategy and philosophy of our lawsuit…consultant; he became my teacher in the case."

"…Rick's insight and maturity was invaluable in preparing the case. I also attribute my success in settling the case in a way which I believe was favorable to my client in great part to Rick. He was qualified as an expert by the Court and clearly would have testified had the case gone to trial."


In the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in and for the County of Maricopa
Judge Hon. Michael McVey
William T. Cooper and Marita Ponce-Krukow
August 25, 1995

Plaintiff's motion for Order permitting Rick Ross to testify at evidentiary hearing having been considered, and good cause appearing.

IT IS ORDERED that the Court will permit Rick Ross to testify at the evidentiary hearing on issues pertaining to the practices of a religious group known as The Door (also Potters House, etc.) and to the effects he has witnessed of the practices on members of that religious group.


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