Haredi MK: We'll stop paying taxes

Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni lashes out at Supreme Court following another ruling in Emmanuel affair, compared it to Russian czar

Ynet, israel/September 16, 2010

Knesset Member Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) lashed out at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, saying it kept on ruling against Israel's ultra-Orthodox residents.

"You know what we will do? We'll stop paying taxes," he said in an interview to Kol Hai Radio.

In the interview, conducted after the High Court approved the opening of a separate school for Emmanuel's Ashkenazi girls which will not be funded by the State, the chairman of the Knesset's Finance Committee compared the Supreme Court today to past Supreme Court panels.

"If we thought the Supreme Court, led by Aharon Barak, was the worst - it turns out the current court is seven times worse. A place where, like in history with the Russian czar, who would decide whatever he wanted, hurt whoever he wanted and did not have to answer to anyone. He didn't hold a dialogue with anyone. This is the way they behave."

According to Gafni, "The court rules against us constantly." He warned that "if it fails to restrain itself and thinks it can really do whatever it wants like a haggler from the market… we will win, you'll see. What will we do? We'll stop paying taxes."

He added, "We will win because we have been here since the revelation of Sinai. They (the High Court) are only here now."

He went on to address High Court discussions on the core subjects issue in school, mentioning the refusal to pay taxes again.

"We will stop paying taxes. What will happen? They'll throw us in jail. The money is ours, but if, God forbid, they try to hurt our children's education and stop the budgeting, there will be war. There are many ways to conduct a struggle. I suggest that no one test us."

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