Danny Masterson's estranged wife Bijou Phillips quietly leaves Scientology with support of sister Chynna after actor was expelled by church after he was jailed for rape

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Daily Mail, UK/January 17, 2024

By Sandra Clark

Bijou Phillips has quietly cut ties with Scientology after the controversial church's decision to expel estranged husband Danny Masterson in the wake of his prison sentence, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Masterson, 47, was revealed to have been banished from Scientology – or declared what the church deems a 'Suppressive Person' – days after he was ordered to serve 30 years behind bars for rape in September.

The radical decision, which requires fellow Scientologists, including his wife and family, to cut all contact with him, came even after the church publicly supported the actor and maintained his innocence throughout his criminal trials.

Phillips, 43, had also faithfully stood by her husband of 12 years throughout two trials – turning up on his arm each day for the court hearings, but filed for divorce just days after his September 7 sentencing.

Yet, despite their separation and Masterson's incarceration, it appears the actress remains loyal to her husband and decided to leave the religion instead of severing contact with him for good.  

An insider with close ties to former Scientology members said Phillips did not want to cut ties with Masterson, especially due to their young daughter, and left the religion with the support of her sisters.

'Bijou left a few weeks after she found out that Danny had been declared an SP for not living up to the standards of the church,' the source told DailyMail.com.

'It's never an easy decision to leave Scientology because you face being ripped apart from your family and friends who are still members.

'In Bijou's case, she had nothing to lose and wasn't about to cut ties with Danny, per Scientology's disconnection rules. Bijou would never do that to her daughter, plus her sisters, her close friends none of them are Scientologists.

'Chynna has been a rock for Bijou and even though she's passionate about her own religion, she would never force anything on to Bijou. She doesn't have to because she walks the talk.'

Masterson grew up in a family of practicing Scientologists. His stepfather Joe Reaiche and mother Carole Masterson had been members of the Sea Org, the 'clergy' of the controversial faith.

Reaiche himself was eventually deemed suppressive for questioning certain teachings and has not had any contact with his children since.

According to the insider: 'The Masterson family has been tight lipped on whether or not they have left the church. But I can't imagine them cutting ties with Danny. It's a toxic mess. The whole thing.'

'Scientology's biggest threat now is Danny and whether or not he will blow the lid on the church and its secrets, meaning what they told him to do, how to handle the rape allegations. It's far from over, especially with the civil suits coming up.'

Masterson was revealed to have been kicked out of Scientology and declared suppressive in an interview with former Scientologist and longtime private investigator Jeffrey Augustine in October.

But Augustine explained that the reason behind the move was for failing to 'maintain the high ethical standards for the Church of Scientology, and other reasons – not because Masterson was convicted of rape'.

He claimed the church is now facing legal battles and 'doesn't want to be held accountable' for Masterson's crimes.

The That '70s Show star was moved to North Kern State Prison last month and was pictured sporting long hair and a scruffy beard in his latest mug shot for the first time since he began his sentence.

Following his sentencing, it was reported that he was under round-the-clock surveillance in case he showed signs of 'mental distress' and deputies would come by his cell every half hour to check on him 'with the goal of keeping tabs on his mental state and making sure he's safe'.

Masterson's three-decade sentence last September came three months after he was found guilty on two counts of rape following a dramatic, eight-day trial – that took place after an initial hearing that resulted in a mistrial.

At the hearing, Phillips looked completely shattered as she left the courtroom – after having written an emotional letter to the judge calling Masterson an 'amazing father' who worked to 'shield younger actors from temptation' while begging for leniency.

DailyMail.com previously revealed that Phillips couldn't 'accept' that allegation that her husband sexually assaulted two women and was concerned for his safety in prison as a notorious convicted rapist.

But her letter apparently did not move Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo, who handed down the harshest possible sentence of 30 years – 15 for each felony rape conviction.

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