Mangrove Mountain Ashram claims: Handmaiden says she was raped with gun, had to drink guru's urine

The Daily Telegraph, Australia/December 8, 2014

By Janet Fife-Yeomans

The handmaiden to a guru who had sex with his young followers has revealed that she had to drink his urine as a form of contraception.

The woman known as Shishy has told the child sex abuse royal commission today that her lover, Swami Akhandananda Saraswati, also raped her with a double-barrelled shotgun, sliced at her vagina and cut moles out with a penknife but refused her medical treatment.

Her lawyer, Karen McGlinchey, said the commission should hear Shishy’s personal story because she had received a tough time in the media since the commission began its hearing last week into the response of the Satyananda Yoga Ashram at Mangrove Mountain into allegations and reports of child sex abuse between 1974 and 2014.

“Shishy has received the most shocking trial in the media and I think that the media should have the opportunity to report her side of the story as well,” Ms McGlinchey said.

Shishy said that when she could not take the contraceptive pill or use an IUD, she used a “traditional” yoga method of drinking her lover’s urine.

“I was required to drink the urine straight from (his) penis in order to be immune from falling pregnant to him,” she said.

However she accepted that it was not all that successful because she became pregnant twice and both times had abortions, the second one self-administered using herbs and a hot bath.

She said she also had sex with the founder of the Indian-based movement, Guru Swami Satyandanda Saraswati, and also drank his urine as a contraceptive.

She has denied that she ever summonsed the young ashram girls to have sex with Akhandananda despite claims by some of them. She has admitted being in his bedroom while two of them had sex with the swami.

Shishy said today that she had not intervened because “it was exactly what had happened to me. I believed the party line that it was all for our enlightenment and our highest good.”

Shishy, 57, who met the swami when she was 16 and had never had sex before that, denied that she considered herself his “partner” although they lived together at the ashram.

“No. I was his student,” she said.

She said that when he cut out her moles with a knife, she sewed herself up with thin fishing wire. When he sexually assaulted her four times with the gun, she said she was terrified.

“I certainly wasn’t 100 per cent sure that he wouldn’t pull the trigger,” she said.

The three times that he “sliced at” her vagina with nail scissors, she said the injuries were not severe enough to need medical attention.

The hearing continues.

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