"Kundalini Snobs"

Is 3HO "an excuse to play dress up"

March 14, 2000
By A Western (gora) Sikh

I was once a student of 3HO and "Yogiji," but soon could not believe his teachings.

I also have encountered many people who professed and claimed to be Sikhs, but did not practice their faith. It was merely an excuse to play dress up it seemed.

I adopted the Sikh faith and have maintained it as my spiritual path. However, I feel 3HO is not about Sikhism at all, nor is the "Sikh Dharma" that "Yogiji" speaks about.

There is no room for Yogic technologies in the true path of a GurSikh. Many so called "Sikhs," especially those who live around the Espanola, New Mexico area, affiliated with 3HO--are hypocrites who are full of pride and arrogance(Kundalini snobs). They are a far cry from the humility and sensibility of the Sikh Gurus and their teachings, which I have read extensively.

Many of the devotees of Yogi Bhajan seem to worship him. They often clamor just for a glimpse of his face--even sometimes struggling for the chance to touch his feet. But "Yogiji" never chastises people for worshipping him. I think he enjoys it.

All this does fly in the face of true Sikhism. I hope people will try to differentiate between Yogi Bhajan's brand of "Sikhism" and authentic Sikhism, which I practice on a daily basis.

A Sikh should always be mindful of God, The Creator. And NOT mindful of an aging Yogi's next book, retreat or lecture.

Copyright © 2000 Rick Ross

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