Love in the time of Yogis

MSNBC June 20, 2000
By Jeanette Walls

Has Courtney Love become a devout follower of a powerful Yogi? Rick Ross, an expert on cults and alternative religions, says the high goddess of grunge is apparently involved with 3HO, which teaches Kundalini Yoga. Love has been spotted at a "woman's camp" intensive seminar of 3H0, says Ross. The group is lead by Yogi Bhajan, an influential and sometimes-controversial spiritual leader who claims he has telepathic powers and can read the future. Ross says that Yogi Bhajan honored Love by giving her a "mystical name" known only by the two of them.

"It's an interesting group that I'm hearing more and more about," says Ross, who has been posting news of controversies about the group, including the implication of two of its leaders in drug and money laundering controversies, on his Web site,

Love's spokeswoman didn't return calls for comment.

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