Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps, aka Free Love Ministries Visitor Comments

"I live in England and have become partially involved with Jim Green's 'Aggressive Christianity' movement. I've received large amounts of publications and audiocassettes of sermons. However, as I listened to the tapes I began to realize how little Jim Green actually understands elements of Biblical teaching. He started coming out with homespun heretical crap that I know is false. For example, he has single handedly re-written Christian doctrine regarding Satan and says that WE are Lucifer and that God has made Satan and millions of demons to test us. He also thinks acupuncture is Satanic! I mean, come on! Add to this the apparent 'fact' that virtually all other Christians are evil and that Clinton 'is bisexual,' and I began to worry who I was dealing with."

"You have done a wonderful service by posting information about the Animal Rights movement. To say that they are a couple of bricks shy of a load is an understatement. Their behavior is definitely cult-like. For those of us in the animal rescue community, it is often difficult to explain the differences between what we do and Animal Rights organizations. The public is terribly confused about the difference between 'animal welfare' and 'animal rights.' Your website helps to show the differences and demonstrate the mindset, agenda and especially the fanaticism and zealotry that often exists at the heart of the Animal Rights movement. People should know when they contribute to such organizations what they are supporting and make more informed decisions."


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